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Dental Emergency

We Provide Walk-in Emergency Dental Treatment

Unfortunately tooth trauma and tooth pain do occur from time to time. Rest assured that we will be there to provide emergency dental treatment for you when you need us.

Emergency Dental Treatment Office Manager - Christiane Langevin Please fill in our emergency form to indicate the nature of your emergency.
– Christiane Langevin Office Manager

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Need An Emergency Dentist in Gatineau?

Tooth pain is often caused by bacterial infection of the nerve inside the tooth. This can result from untreated decay entering the center of the tooth or by trauma sustained to the tooth such as a hit to the face. The good news is that the infection can easily be treated with a root canal treatment. Root canals bear a bad reputation but it is actually not the treatment itself that is to blame but rather the pain felt from the infection prior to treatment. A root canal appointment is often no more different to the patient than having a filling placed, it is not uncommon for patients to even fall asleep during the procedure. Some trauma to teeth is too great to repair, for instance when a tooth fractures below the bone level. In these circumstances the tooth requires removal. Technological advances have made a significant impact in removing teeth as well. We are able to extract teeth with ease and repair the extraction site with a bone graft. Bone grafts preserve the bone in the jaw allowing for excellent replacement options such as implants. Sometimes all you need is reassurance that your discomfort is actually not an emergency requiring immediate invasive treatment. Gum recession can expose the layer of dentin found under enamel; dentin has nerve endings exposed which can cause sensitivity to sweets, temperature and even the air we breathe. These nerve endings can be sealed off with fluoride agents to help with the immediate discomfort. Long term repair to these areas of recession can be accomplished with Alloderm gingival grafts. Regardless of the nature of your emergency we are here to help you and provide you with all the necessary information to make you feel better. Emergency dental treatment services are provided as required, please contact the office and we will assist you with the best possible care and attention.