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An Alternative to Dental Fillings


Going to the dentist on a regular basis is an important part of maintaining a healthy dental regimen. Another important factor that can affect your dental and overall health, is your diet. Consumption of foods that are highly acidic or rich in sugar can have detrimental affects on your teeth. The best way to avoid any of the dental pitfalls that can occur is to limit your intake of those particular types of food. It may be that much harder to do during the holiday season, but your mouth (and body) will thank you if you do.

In the event that you just couldn’t resist those holiday sweets and happened to overindulge you might end up with a cavity. Traditionally dentists use a method that requires a specialized drill and specific filling materials to remedy the cavity, but there may be another way. “In a seven-year study involving 1,000 patients at 22 dental practices, Australian researchers at the University of Sydney compared people who received traditional “drill and fill” treatment with those who received a less aggressive preventive treatment that involves high-concentration fluoride varnish and restricting sugary snacks and beverages between meals. They found that for those in the second group the need for fillings declined by 30 to 50 per cent. Among those at highest risk, who were getting as many as two fillings per year, the reduction was even greater, at 80 per cent.”

Now, this doesn’t mean that if your Aylmer dentist tells you that you have a cavity that they won’t still have to use a drill; every case is different and certain instances may always require the use of specialized dental tools. This does however offer hope to those who may have a fear of the dental drill or wanted another option to fix their cavities. In any case, to reiterate the main point…do your best to prevent cavities in the first place by watching your diet, brushing flossing and rinsing and visiting your Aylmer dentist regularly.

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