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Bad Habits & Dental Health

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We are all creatures of habit and routine, but in being mindful of how these particular habits can affect us, it becomes easier to make choices aimed at improving the quality of life.

When it comes to dental health, there may be things that you are doing every day that could be negatively impacting your teeth and gums. Here are a few important things to keep in mind:

 If we don’t breathe correctly we could be susceptible to tooth grinding and sleep apnea

The mouth is the start of the respiratory system, therefore the shape of your upper and lower jaw, the position of the tongue and way the muscles around the lips and cheeks work affects the quality of your breathing and sleeping. For optimal health and to reduce the chance of grinding our teeth and sleep apnea, we should be breathing through our noses. You can train yourself to do this through breathing exercises and yoga.

Eating the wrong foods won’t allow your teeth and jaw to work and develop as nature intended it to

We should be eating chewy, hard and healthy foods as this will help to stimulate healthy saliva, which neutralises acid and keeps your teeth strong.

Exercise for oral health

In the same way that exercise is good for your heart, it is also good for your gums. There is some early research starting to emerge that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can decrease gingivitis.’ (Dr. Lewis Ehrlich,

Embracing a life with healthier habits should include regular visits to your Aylmer dentist! Schedule a free consultation or appointment today.

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