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Brushing & Flossing Tips

Oral Health

When it comes to most things there are usually two different ways to proceed: a complex way with many steps or a simplified method that can usually achieve the same results. Advancements in technology have helped certain processes improve, however it’s always good to have a solid understanding of how things work; if the power ever goes out, can you go back to the basics?

Chargeable toothbrushes and water piks for flossing are wonderful, but being able to effectively use a standard brush and floss is important. Here are some tips to help keep your mouth healthy and clean:

Top tips for brushing correctly:

• “Clean daily between the teeth to below the gum line before brushing your teeth. For small spaces between teeth use dental floss and for larger spaces use interdental brushes”
• “If using a manual brush use small circular motions at a 45-degree angle pointing towards the gum to ensure no tooth surfaces are missed”
• “Brush with a medium hardness of pressure: it’s really important not to brush too hard because this can wear your tooth enamel away or too gently as you won’t remove the plaque”

Tips for good flossing:

Interdental cleaning (cleaning between teeth) is imperative because approximately 40% of the tooth surface is between the teeth, so it is very important to stop decay.

Cleaning between the teeth is also important for periodontal (gum) health as plaque (bacteria) between the teeth can lead to gum inflammation (periodontitis) which can ultimately result in the tooth becoming mobile and consequently a loss of the tooth. Gum disease can also affect cardiovascular health, so it is important that this is kept under control.

When the gaps of the teeth are tight (or the teeth are overlapping and crowded) floss is the best method to remove the plaque (debris) between the teeth but flossing can be difficult where the gaps between the teeth are bigger, in which case interdental brushes or water flosser machines are better. Of course tooth brushing and visits to the dentist are also important but some form of interdental cleaning is necessary for the health of your teeth and gums.’ (Chloe Nichols,

For more great dental tips and to get your teeth thoroughly cleaned and inspected make sure to schedule an appointment at Aylmer Dentistry, your Aylmer dental professional!

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