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Dental Hygiene Products


Last week our focus was on toothbrushes, and this week we wanted to expand things a little bit wider. There are many different products on the market to help keep the mouth clean, and cavity free; from toothpaste, to mouthwash and floss, knowing which ones to get and how to use them can be confusing.

The following are some considerations to make when choosing specific dental hygiene products:

Always look for toothpastes with fluoride as an ingredient, since fluoride helps to strengthen the outer tooth enamel of teeth (unless you are allergic, or your dentist recommends otherwise). If you are allergic to fluoride, or have another medical reason not to use fluoride, then you should choose toothpaste without fluoride. Make sure to speak with your dentist before choosing to opt out of using toothpaste with fluoride to see which toothpaste your dentist recommends.

You should be brushing your teeth twice daily for about two minutes each time: once in the morning when you wake up, and once at night before going to bed. If you can, it is recommended to also brush your teeth after all your meals (especially sugary ones) to avoid sugars and unwanted food debris from getting caught in between your teeth.

Mouthwash isn’t just to freshen up your breath, it is an important part of your oral care to control plaque. There are two different types of mouthwash: anti-bacterial mouthwash, which is used to control plaque and freshen breath, and then there are fluoride rinses which coat the teeth with fluoride to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities and tooth decay.
Don’t use mouthwash right after brushing your teeth (especially a fluoride mouthwash), since it can actually harm them. You should be using mouthwash once a day, such as after a meal like lunchtime. Wait 30 min before eating or drinking anything after using a fluoride mouthwash.

Flossing daily is vital for healthy gums. You can find the right floss for you by choosing from a variety of different flavours, sizes forms, and coatings. You can choose to use string floss around your fingers, or you can even choose to use floss holders. You should floss a minimum of once a day to get rid of plaque in between the teeth that could build up easily throughout the day.

To learn more about how to get and keep your teeth as healthy as possible, make sure to request a free consultation with us!

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