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Dentistry in Schools


The importance of dental hygiene is something that has been stressed by dental professionals for years. There have been many initiatives to get people more involved with taking an active stance with their own dental health and the importance this has on their overall health as well.

As the world is constantly moving and growing so to must the approach of reaching people. An Iowa high school has decided to take things to a new level and make the concept of dental health and integral part of everything they do.

“A new dental clinic inside Scavo High School gives students the opportunity to visit the dentist within the walls of their school. The clinic, which is the first of its kind in Iowa, provides cleaning, filling and teeth removal services. The clinic has had 20 appointments since it opened and school officials have already noticed a difference in class attendance. The clinic has the capacity of serving 15 students a day. The clinic provides services to any students attending Des Moines Public Schools.”

This is truly a revolutionary way to give students better access to dental health care and to help establish better routines for them to help them maintain better dental.

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