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Foods to Avoid After Teeth Whitening

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Whiter teeth are something that most of us long for; after all, who doesn’t want a movie star smile? Your Gatineau dentist knows just how much teeth whitening can improve the aesthetics of a person’s smile, but it isn’t a permanent fix. The foods and beverages you consume following your procedure can have an enormous effect on the success of your treatment and the longevity of your results. In short, you should do everything you can to keep your teeth shining for as long as possible, and avoiding the following foods and beverages is great place to start.


If you can’t start your day until you’ve had your routine cup of joe, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, as your Gatineau dentist will inform you, coffee is one of the worst offenders for staining teeth, and it’s likely one of the reasons that you need teeth whitening in the first place. Be sure to stay away from coffee for at least 48 hours following your treatment. If you simply cannot resist, you should absolutely use a straw.

Red Wine

Despite the health benefits of red wine, regular consumption of this alcoholic beverage is a huge contributor to the staining and yellowing of teeth. Red wine is highly acidic, which also contributes to the damaging of your enamel. To preserve the effects of your teeth whitening treatment, your Gatineau dentist recommends breaking your glass-a-day habit.

Dark Sauces

It’s not only dark beverages that stain your teeth, it’s dark sauces as well! Soy sauce, tomato sauce, stews and marinades should all be avoided after teeth whitening. As your Gatineau dentist will explain, if a food would stain your t-shirt, it can stain your teeth too.

Acidic Foods

Acidic foods should be avoided after teeth whitening not because they’ll stain your pearly whites, but because they could cause sensitivity and pain. The bleaching agents used to whiten teeth temporarily weaken tooth enamel, and acidic foods like lemons, limes, pickles and soft drinks can cause harm to your teeth in the period following your treatment.


Ok, so this isn’t a food or a beverage, but it may be one of the worst culprits for yellow teeth. The nicotine in cigarettes stains and blackens teeth, not to mention the effects that it has on the overall health of your teeth and gums. Cigarettes and other nicotine-containing products should be avoided at all costs. If you truly cannot avoid consuming the items found on this list, your Gatineau dentist stresses the importance of thoroughly brushing and flossing afterwards. If you have any questions about specific foods and beverages to be avoided after treatment, your dentist will be happy to help!

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