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How to Protect Your Teeth

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Achieving and maintaining the integrity of your teeth and gums is important, and is a topic that we frequently discuss due to our passion for dental health. Since humans are creatures of habit, it’s important to establish routines that promote healthy practices, and it all starts with being educated the right way from the beginning.

Here are some elements to be mindful of in order to facilitate your healthiest smile possible:

Doing it wrong
Back and forth, left to right: it’s how we were all taught to brush our teeth. In fact, the correct way to clean is to work from the gum downward. Place the head of the toothbrush at a 45 degree angle at the gum-line and using circular up-and-down motions, gently stroke the teeth rather than ‘sawing’ them. Remember to brush around the gum-line where bacteria hides, pressing just hard enough that you feel the bristles.

Bad timing
Brushing immediately after meals is a no-no when it comes to healthy teeth and gums. Acidic foods like citrus fruits – lemons, oranges, grapefruits – can weaken tooth enamel and brushing too soon after eating can damage it in this weakened state. Have a glass of water or rinse your mouth after eating these foods, leaving about 30 minutes before brushing.

Morning glory
As if morning sickness wasn’t enough to contend with, it can also damage your teeth by coating the enamel in strong stomach acid. Avoid brushing your teeth after vomiting as it can scratch the enamel further. Instead rinse your mouth with water followed by a fluoride mouthwash. Wait at least 45 minutes before brushing your teeth.

Over-doing it
Avoid scrubbing your teeth. We are conditioned to think that harder is better in order to achieve that really clean feeling, when in fact over-enthusiastic brushing will simply wear away tooth enamel. Toothbrush abrasion can also damage the gums, pushing them back to expose the sensitive area which can lead to problems like periodontal gum disease as well as cavities. It is more important to be thorough than vigorous.” (source:

To learn more about how to get and keep your teeth as healthy as possible, make sure to request a free consultation with us!

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