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Identifying Mouth Pain

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No one likes pain, especially when it comes to the mouth. Teeth and gums are key elements of this part of the body and being able to identify pain in this area can help with remedying the issue or at the very least learning how to minimize the amount of pain being felt.
Not all pain is created equal; the better one can understand what the pain is, the faster and more effectively it can be taken care of. The following are some of the different types of pain which gums and teeth can experience:

Achy tooth pain

A throbbing or achy tooth pain may be nothing if it only last a day or two, but pain that lasts for more than a week may be a sign you’re grinding or clenching your teeth. Persistent pain accompanied by swollen gums or glands could also be caused by an abscessed tooth.

Bleeding, red, or swollen gums

This could be an irritating side effect of pregnancy or other hormonal changes. It could also be caused by bacterial buildup. But if your gum problems persist for more than a week, it could be another sign of periodontal disease.

Sharp tooth pain

If you experience a sudden pain in one or more of your teeth when biting down, you may have tooth decay or cavities. If the tooth pain occurs only once in a while, and isn’t confined to single spot, it’s probably nothing to worry about, but if it’s consistent—meaning it recurs for a week or more—you should pay your dentist a visit. (Markham Heid,

At Aylmer Dentistry your Aylmer dental professional our goal is always to ensure that our patients are not only comfortable during any and all dental experiences but are well educated in terms of what good oral hygiene is and things they should be looking out for. To learn more about how we can help, schedule a consultation today!

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