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Importance of Gum Health

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Health is wealth. The healthier you are as a whole means the more likely you’ll be able to successful at whatever it is that you’re doing and for a longer time. The gums (essentially the foundation for all of the teeth in your mouth) requires a lot of special attention. When it doesn’t get that special attention, the whole mouth is left vulnerable.

Here are some issues that can arise when your gums aren’t properly cleaned and maintained.

“Pregnancy Complications

New studies have shown that certain bacteria typically found in the mouth may lead to prenatal issues, like damage to the placenta and impairing the growth of the fetus. Sure, you might be light-years away from your first kid, but why wait to get into the habit?


If your gums are inflamed, you may have inflammation elsewhere in your body. Bacteria are a part of life — and we’re covered in them. Usually, it’s all good: We give them a place to stay, and, in turn, they help protect and regulate functions on our skin and in our gut. The only time you run into trouble? When they go on the lam. “The bacteria in the mouth form colonies and stick to the teeth at the gum line — this is plaque,” explains Dr. Lowenberg. “If you don’t remove that plaque by brushing and flossing, the bacteria can enter through bleeding gums and travel throughout the body.” They can settle down in various places and cause inflammation, which is linked to cancer, stroke, and depression.

Heart Disease

Once in your bloodstream, the rogue bacteria can do more than spur inflammation. Many dentists believe that they even set up camp in your arteries. “These colonies of plaque that are found in our mouth may be associated with the plaque that forms in the arteries of the heart, which can contribute to heart disease,” says Dr. Lowenberg. Floss and keep that ticker healthy.”

When you brush your teeth always make sure to give your gums a thorough cleaning as well. Don’t be too rough, but use enough pressure to ensure that you are doing a sufficient job.

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