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Informed Parents means Healthier Kids


Being a parent means constantly staying updated on the latest information regarding the health of children. The world moves at such a fast pace it can be difficult to keep up with the right way to ensure the best health and safety of your children. Knowing the right information to trust can also be another obstacle. The key is to always do thorough research and then you can make a more solid decision.

When it comes to oral hygiene and your children dealing with pain associated with their teeth and gums, there are a few things that parents should know in order to keep the mouthes of their children as healthy and pain free as possible.

“Pain can indicate a serious problem

An untreated cavity can cause severe pain and infection, reports “This infection can spread to your child’s face or other areas of their body, making them very sick. A serious infection can also damage the permanent teeth that are developing in the bone just below the baby teeth.”

Most procedures don’t hurt

In pediatric dentistry, the objective is to make the experience pleasant and stress-free. Cleanings, applications of fluoride or sealants, X-rays and even filling smaller cavities normally don’t cause any pain. Sometimes the experience can seem frightening because of the unfamiliar setting, the equipment, the sounds and the tastes. Pediatric dentists and those who work with them are trained to help children be relaxed and comfortable in potentially stressful situations.

Parents can help

Many times, children are nervous about visiting the dentist because they pick up on anxiety exhibited by a parent. An article in explains parents can help children by being calm and modeling appropriate, low-stress behavior. Parents should avoid using words like shot, hurt or pain when talking to children about a dental visit. Parents can tell children the dentist will help them have clean, healthy and strong teeth.A little fussing is normal and dentists know how to react, explains ‘Let the dental care professionals guide you; they might ask you to stay at a distance or to hold your little one’s hand, which will provide comfort and prevent him from grabbing any dental instruments.’”

The dental experience should always be pain free and enjoyable. When you contact your Aylmer dentist to schedule an appointment for yourself or your child, make sure you actually meet the dentist beforehand and get comfortable with them. This way you will also be able to ask any questions you may have as well.

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