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Naturally Stronger Teeth

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The key to a bright and healthy smile are clean and strong teeth, which are achieved and maintained through regular brushing, flossing, rinsing and visits to your Aylmer dental professional for cleanings and thorough examinations. In addition to this, certain research has hinted towards a natural method of strengthening the enamel of teeth.

“Experts at the University of Illinois’ Chicago College of Dentistry, USA, found that grape seed extract can help to strengthen the tissue behind a tooth’s enamel. The scientist claims that the breakthrough could prevent patients from needing fillings, and also boost the strength of the fillings themselves. Dr Rob Wain, UK dentist, said the study could give people the best chance yet of keeping their teeth for life.Now the new study’s lead author Ana Bedran-Russo, associate professor of restorative dentistry, said the extract can also be used to increase the strength of dentin, ‘which comprises the majority of the calcified extracellular tissue of teeth, forming the layer just beneath the hard external enamel.’ Improving that part of the tooth won’t just prevent decay but it can also increase the longevity of composite-resin fillings.”

Regardless of the concrete data which may come from these studies and research, paying close attention to your oral health is still (and forever will be) the best way to keep your oral health on track. Request a FREE consultation today or schedule an appointment to learn more!

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