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Oral Hygiene

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If it seems like every blog post is about oral hygiene and it’s importance, you are right! Staying on top of your dental health is key; not only can it have an affect on your overall health, but it can also affect confidence levels and how you interact with others.

Not to mention, one of the perils of ignoring dental health for too long is costly repair work, and putting your mouth in harm’s way.

“Jay, a 21-year-old man from the U.K was a guest in a recent episode of Embarrassing Bodies for his killing not-so-white smile. He has abstained from brushing his teeth for the majority of his life. He ate everything wrong, from fizzy drinks to chocolates. And the daring fellow didn’t bother to floss or brush his teeth. Neglecting his oral hygiene was probably not the best decision he took in his life. His teeth became covered in tartar and hardened food remains. Bacteria that have built from 20 years of not brushing his teeth are beyond your wildest nightmares.” (source:

Jay is an extreme example, but an important one nonetheless. Make sure to brush, floss, and rinse daily, and also to visit your Aylmer dental professional regularly for checkups and cleanings. Request a consultation and/or schedule an appointment with Aylmer Dentistry today!

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