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Overcome Your Dental Fears


If you’re anything like me, I personally get queasy going to the dentist. It’s just something about pointy tools and masked people that make my imagination get the better of me. However, dental phobia is a real fear which causes poor oral and mental health. It’s important to overcome these anxieties as they can have a direct impact on your daily life. Although common, dental anxiety is a fear that can be conquered. Dentists in Aylmer have developed different methods and practices to help patients with anxiety. From sedation dentistry in Gatineau to simple distractions, anyone can feel calm and collected in a clinic.

Get Comfortable

Sometimes we forget the obvious things. The easiest way to relieve stress is by making yourself comfortable! You can’t feel at ease unless your physical body is relaxed. One suggestion is to bring blankets to the treatment to make it more relaxing. Other helpful techniques are closing your eyes during treatment or using stress balls.

Turning Up the Music

In some cases, the cause of the fear is associated with noise. Especially the drill. This is where distraction is key to solving your anxieties. Some Aylmer dentists may provide mp3 players, but if not, consider bringing your own. Listening to soothing music can block out these scary noises.

Having Procedures Explained

The root of many fears is the fear of the unknown. This is also a common reason why people fear visiting Aylmer dentists—they simply don’t know what procedures are being done. Next time you visit dentists in Aylmer, let them know about your anxieties. Depending on which tactic works better, sometimes distractions don’t have to be used. Have Aylmer dentists explain the procedures they are going to be performed and talk you through the treatment. You could be the type of person who feels comfortable when you understand the situation and feel in control.

Sedation Dentistry in Gatineau

Sedation dentistry in Gatineau is a newer form of treatment directly targeting people with dental anxiety. Dentists in Aylmer use this technique to diminish a person’s awareness of their environment. Basically patients are given sedatives during treatment. Because they’re less aware of their surroundings, their fear is reduced.

Levels of Sedation

Sedation dentistry in Gatineau also offers different levels of sedation. Two common types of sedation used by dentists in Aylmer are gaseous sedation and oral sedation. The advantage of taking nitrous oxide (the gaseous sedative) is it functions as a minor painkiller as well. Since its effects are shorter, you can drive immediately after treatment. Oral sedatives, on the other hand, are administered by the clinic and taken before arrival. Its effects are stronger, so the patient must be accompanied for the next 24 hours and avoid driving.

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