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Sedation & Optimized Dental Comfort

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At Aylmer Dentistry we aim to provide our patients with the most comfortable environment possible before and during the examination process. However, it is during the exam where comfort and relaxation are the most important and we are proud to be able to offer different sedation options for patients who need it.

‘Often the dental office is a source of anxiety for our patients … even under the best of circumstances. When confronted with the need for a surgical procedure, the level of anxiety may increase substantially, to a point where the patient may neglect to undergo treatment and ultimately compromise their oral health.

Conscious sedation dentistry is a most welcome option for patients in this situation visiting our Gatineau clinic. Conscious sedation is a technique to diminish the level of consciousness of the patient, thus rendering the patient less aware of their surroundings and more importantly; less aware of the procedure that is taking place. As the name suggests, the patient is at no time completely unconscious, as would be the case when under general anaesthesia. The patient is able to respond to commands and is able to breathe unassisted. Our dental team carefully monitors vital signs throughout the period of sedation.’

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