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Seeing Your Dentist for Surgery: What to Expect

dentist surgery

Having surgery can prove to be a stressful experience. You don’t really know what to expect and you just want it to be over with. That’s why it’s so important to educate yourself before seeing your dentist for surgery. As any Gatineau dentist will tell you, the more you know the less you’ll stress! Dental surgery is a term used to refer to any surgical procedure involving the teeth or jaw bones. Some of these procedures include tooth extraction, bone grafting, soft tissue grafting, wisdom teeth removal and more. If you want to know more about dental surgery you can make an appointment with a Gatineau dentist. They’ll gladly answer any questions you have regarding your upcoming procedure.

Preparing to see your dentist for surgery

Properly preparing yourself for dental surgery is extremely important. If you’re not prepared, the experience will be less than enjoyable. Once you know the date of your procedure, the very first thing you should do is arrange a ride home. Depending on the severity of the surgery, you may be under pretty heavy anesthesia, which means that you’ll be unable to drive. You should stop eating leading up to the time of your surgery. Before your surgery, a dentist can tell you how far in advance you will need to stop eating, but 12 hours is usually the rule of thumb. Make sure that your teeth are nice and clean; double brush, floss and use some mouth wash if you have to. Stay calm and remember, it’s only dental surgery; you’re not having a triple bypass!


As mentioned before, the dentist will administer anesthetic prior to surgery. The effects will be felt for several hours post-surgery. Everyone’s body reacts differently to sedation and the duration of the effects can vary. One of the perks of seeing your dentist for surgery is that you get to eat a lot of ice cream, Jell-O and tasty frozen treats, but the downside is that you can’t eat anything that’s sticky, hard or crunchy. Stick to soft foods such as soup, yogurt or chili until your mouth has fully recovered. One of the most important things to do after surgery is relax. This is a difficult task for most of us, who tend to want to get back to work right away, despite that fact that we just had a serious dental procedure. You need to give yourself the appropriate amount of time to recover. Take a day or two and just relax and enjoy your time; think of it as a short vacation. You should also consult with a Gatineau dentist for more post-surgery advice. Hopefully your anxiety about seeing your dentist for surgery is alleviated now that you’re better educated about the process. If you’re suffering, call to book an appointment with a Gatineau dentist.

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