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Something to Smile About: My Teeth Whitening Story

Teeth Whitening

Why do some people project a radiant, healthy glow no matter what day of the year it is? Many people often ask this question without being able to pin-point exactly why certain people have a mesmerizing quality about them. After reflecting, I noticed that these happy individuals have one thing in common: they have confidence — and a beautiful smile.

For years, I didn’t even realize that I was self-conscious of my smile, and teeth whitening had never crossed my mind. But year after year, I started noticing a certain discomfort about my smile. After all, I had been an avid coffee drinker for 10 years. The fact my smile was not at its optimal state didn’t bother me that much in the beginning; however, the discomfort did slowly make itself known.

It was around the same time that I decided to volunteer in the broadcasting industry and realized that presenters and hosts —those in front of the camera— had great hair (thanks to hairdressers), perfect skin (thanks to make-up artists), and of course—perfect teeth. “Perfect teeth must cost a fortune,” I said to myself.

After doing some research, I realized I was wrong.

That was when I decided to act on my wish—I wanted a beautiful, natural, whiter smile in the safest and quickest way possible. With this new objective in mind, I began searching online for dentists in Gatineau who could help me achieve this.

Then—I got sidetracked: I tried home-remedies and over-the-counter products as an alternative. Every method I tried turned out to be a waste of money, and according to my dentist in Gatineau, effectively caused irreversible tooth enamel damage.

I wanted results that were both noticeable and natural. Luckily, I felt comfortable enough with my dentist in Gatineau to talk about what teeth whitening options were available to me.

Today is my birthday—and as I write these lines, I feel more confident in my smile than ever. My friends and family tell me I look young, and I feel happy to have taken an easy teeth whitening step. I recommend this for everyone!

Life is great when you smile more!

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