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The Importance of Dental Assistants


There are many unsung heroes out there. For every Batman there’s a Robin, a sidekick that does a lot of work but sometimes doesn’t necessarily get the recognition for their efforts that they should. Not saying that they are only doing what they do so that they can get kudos for it, but everyone wants to (and deserves to) feel special every now and then.

In the dental industry, Dental assistants may not always get the attention the way a dentist does, but they are an integral part of any dental team. Here are a few ways in which dental assistants are able to benefit a dental team:

Dental assistants love working with others
Friendly conversation with patients can help put them at ease as the assistant prepares the patient, tools, and room for the arrival of the dentist. The cheerfulness of the dental assistant makes a huge difference to the patient and dentist in the delivery of the dental procedure.

This love of working with others carries over to the rest of the staff. The friendliness of the assistant can help keep the office environment a pleasure to work in. Some people love helping others and even consider it a calling. Dental assistants are among this select class of individuals.

Dental assistants have excellent communication skills
Dental assistants are is expected to juggle many tasks at the same time while maintaining great communication with the dentist and patient. He or she must keep the patient calm and informed, know what help the dentist needs almost before the dentist does, and respond to orders from the dentist quickly. Dental assistants also need good communication skills when they explain procedures and instructions about dental care to their patients.”

Your Aylmer dentist wouldn’t be able to function the way it does without the help from everyone on the team, so make sure to always show your appreciation to everyone.

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