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The Meaning of Dental Hygiene

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It seems easy enough and pretty self explanatory: two simple words that when placed together, describe exactly what they’re supposed to. Dental hygiene is something that is said and practiced frequently, but what does it really mean?

When an online community of different dental professionals from around the world explained what dental hygiene means to them, it’s rather interesting:

‘ “23 years of educating patients. I love informing them. I love when they are really moved by what I am thing them. I truly love when they let me know I was right about daily home care, because they took my advice a day their oral hygiene is improved.” — Tracey Mannino

“Hygiene is a way to pass on a little piece of myself to every patient I see. It’s being able to not only educate and clean a mouth, but it’s all about making a connection with that person and helping them become and happiest and healthiest version of themself.” — Kris Conlan

“It means self-worth. I can finally feel that what I do every day is important. That it helps people. Changes their thinking. Impacts people in a way that literally can save their life.” — Katie Chiarelli’ (Tonya Lanthier,

At Aylmer Dentistry your Aylmer dental professional, we pride ourselves on ensuring that providing a comfortable and relaxing environment for all patients is priority, and goes hand in hand with quality dental services. The only question left is, what does dental hygiene mean to you? Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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