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What Goes On During a Checkup

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Most people know the importance of maintaining their dental hygiene; regular brushing, flossing, rinsing and visits to their dental professional are key, but do they really understand what that visit to the dentist entails?

The following is a breakdown of what a standard dental examination visit represents:

‘Review of dental records, medical history and past X-rays
Your dentist keeps detailed records of your dental health. If you move to a new community or change your dentist for another reason, make sure a copy of your records are transferred to your new dentist without delay. Your request for this must be writing and your dentist may charge a reasonable fee for copying your records including x-rays.

Overall examination
Dentists don’t just check your teeth; they also check your gums, tongue, cheeks and palate to assess your overall health.

X-rays if necessary
X-rays help the dentist check areas of teeth and tissue otherwise invisible. They show cavities instantly; they show the location and condition of your present fillings, and even the condition of the root and tissue surrounding the tooth. Done properly, dental X-rays are completely safe. Even so, it’s good practice to avoid any unnecessary exposure. You should tell your dentist if you are pregnant, or if you have recently had a lot of medical X-rays.

Professional cleaning
This is a must for preventing gum disease, the number one cause of tooth loss in adults. It also makes your teeth and gums look great.’ (source:

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