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Why Women’s Dental Health is Important

Firstly, the health and proper maintenance of one’s teeth and gums is important for everyone, however it can be especially important for women as their bodies undergo so many more complex and beautiful things than anyone else. What time more fitting to examine this than during ‘Women’s History Month’ and right after International Women’s Day!

“The disparity between women’s and men’s dental health is nothing new. Increasing studies show that poor oral health puts women at the center of many predisposed health conditions that can be life-altering. There are several reasons that women experience worse dental health than men. One significant factor is hormones, a major cause of periodontal disease which is characterized by chronically irritated and inflamed gums. Women are most susceptible to oral health issues during periods of hormonal fluctuation: during puberty, throughout pregnancy, with the use of birth control pills, during pregnancy and menopause. Uncontrolled periodontal disease can lead to gum recession, and eventual tooth loss. Illnesses that are more prevalent in women, such as osteoporosis and breast cancer, have been linked to poor oral health. Periodontal disease is a common complaint in pregnant women that often is overlooked.Researchers have even found that poor oral health in pregnancy has been linked to pre-term birth and low birth rates. Despite these risks, only around 20-30 percent of women visit the dentist during pregnancy.”

Alarming as these statistics may be it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost; prevention should always be your intention! The better you maintain your teeth at home (brushing, flossing, rinsing, cleaning of the tongue) and more consistently you see your dentist for check ups and cleanings, the more likely you’ll be able to ward off any serious dental issues. At Aylmer Dentistry we strive to offer the best and most comfortable dental experience to help keep your oral health in check.

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