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Fatherly Influence on Dental Health


Father knows best! The influence that parents can have over a child’s life is pretty incredible, but it’s on the parent to make sure that the impact they make is that of a positive one.

“Children are greatly influenced by their fathers when it comes to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, according to a new study — and that’s bad news. Dads don’t take dental health seriously enough, with some 43 percent of fathers of children under 12 brushing only once a day or even less often. The survey found that busy families sometimes just forget their dental hygiene routines. One quarter of families surveyed reported that the kids’ teeth went unbrushed at least once a week. 35 percent said that they’d forgotten, while 30 percent said that tiredness was the reason for skipping the brushing. Just 12 percent said the reason they failed to clean their teeth was because they were too busy.”

Life can definitely get busy at times but it’s important to take the time for your dental health and to make sure your children do the same. Having the best oral hygiene possible will ensure better overall health and make for better long term health. Make sure to keep up with your home dental maintenance and visit your Aylmer dentist regularly.

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