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allodermHealthy gingival (gum) tissue forms a protective collar around a tooth preventing periodontal disease, tooth sensitivity, root decay and gives you a great smile. When gingival tissue recedes, exposing the tooth’s root, sensitivity may result. Tooth root decay (root caries) may develop because the softer root surface decays more readily than the enamel on the tooth’s crown. When minor gingival recession is ignored continued recession and bone loss around teeth are likely. Soft tissue graft surgery called gingival or gum grafts, help create more attached gingiva to prevent gingival recession from progressing and to help re-generate and re-establish root coverage. Retrieving tissue from the roof of the mouth is one way to treat recession; however this tends to cause unnecessary discomfort and complications for the patient. AlloDerm is an excellent alternative for successful gingival grafting. AlloDerm is donated tissue that has been processed to remove cells creating a regenerative tissue matrix. It offers an excellent safety profile and a predictable natural esthetic outcome while avoiding pain and potential complications. AlloDerm is widely used in the medical and dental fields for plastic and reconstructive surgery. Although a strict post-operative protocol must be adhered to, AlloDerm® connective tissue grafting is a predictable, comfortable and effective treatment modality to correct areas of recession and thicken fragile tissue. Dr. Winlow is pleased to provide this service to his patients and welcomes you to schedule a free consultation to evaluate your need.