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Naturally Stronger Teeth

The key to a bright and healthy smile are clean and strong teeth, which are achieved and maintained through regular brushing, flossing, rinsing and visits to your Aylmer dental professional for cleanings and thorough examinations. In addition to this, certain research has hinted towards a natural method of strengthening the enamel of teeth. “Experts at the University of Illinois’ Chicago College of Dentistry, USA, found that grape seed extract can help to strengthen the tissue behind a tooth’s enamel. The scientist claims that the breakthrough could prevent patients from needing fillings, and also boost the strength of the fillings themselves. Dr Rob Wain, UK dentist, said the study could give people the best chance yet of keeping their teeth for life.Now the new study’s lead author Ana Bedran-Russo, … Continue Reading

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Bad Habits & Dental Health

We are all creatures of habit and routine, but in being mindful of how these particular habits can affect us, it becomes easier to make choices aimed at improving the quality of life. When it comes to dental health, there may be things that you are doing every day that could be negatively impacting your teeth and gums. Here are a few important things to keep in mind: ‘ If we don’t breathe correctly we could be susceptible to tooth grinding and sleep apnea The mouth is the start of the respiratory system, therefore the shape of your upper and lower jaw, the position of the tongue and way the muscles around the lips and cheeks work affects the quality of your breathing and sleeping. For optimal health and … Continue Reading

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The Meaning of Dental Hygiene

It seems easy enough and pretty self explanatory: two simple words that when placed together, describe exactly what they’re supposed to. Dental hygiene is something that is said and practiced frequently, but what does it really mean? When an online community of different dental professionals from around the world explained what dental hygiene means to them, it’s rather interesting: ‘ “23 years of educating patients. I love informing them. I love when they are really moved by what I am thing them. I truly love when they let me know I was right about daily home care, because they took my advice a day their oral hygiene is improved.” — Tracey Mannino “Hygiene is a way to pass on a little piece of myself to every patient I … Continue Reading

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Cosmetic Dentist: What They Can Do for You

cosmetic dentistry

The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry Run Deeper than Appearances No two dental procedures are alike. If you’re unsure of that statement, consider having your teeth cleaned, as opposed to having a filling installed. One is far less invasive than the other, and both achieve a different purpose. While all dental procedures share the similar endgame of overall oral health and hygiene, they work towards this by different means, and cosmetic dentistry is no different. These are the procedures that are concerned with the appearance of teeth—their colour, their alignment, and so on—and they take a special kind of dentist to perform. It’s not enough for a cosmetic dentist to excel in typical dentistry and know their way around a mouth. They also need to have a thorough understanding … Continue Reading

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The Importance of Oral Health for Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

It’s no secret that the things we eat and drink slowly affect the overall appearance of our teeth. Acidic foods and beverages, such as certain fruits and juices, will wear away the enamel of teeth over time, reducing their original white appearance and slowly revealing the grey or yellow matter underneath. This also allows for other foods and beverages to more easily stain the teeth. Things like coffee, black tea, red wine, soy sauce, and sodas in particular will leave unsightly dark stains on the teeth. Whitening methods are available, but before you visit your local clinic specialising in cosmetic dentistry, you should make note of the condition of your teeth. In-office whitening solutions are much stronger than those available for at-home use. This is because your dentist … Continue Reading

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At Home Whitening Vs. Professional Whitening

cosmetic dentistry

How a dentist in Gatineau can make all the difference! One of the most popular types of cosmetic dentistry a dentist in Gatineau will see is professional teeth whitening. Over time, the external layer of our teeth (enamel) breaks down, which can cause micro-fractures to form. These micro-fractures pick up stains and pigmentation and they can start to show the yellow inner layer of our teeth. Genetics and our diet can also cause teeth to yellow over time. To combat these stains, many people look to whitening solutions such as cosmetic dentistry or at-home whitening. Cosmetic dentistry, such as professional whitening, can be achieved at your dentist in Gatineau, while at-home whitening treatments are available for purchase at most pharmacies. When deciding what solution is best for you, … Continue Reading

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You Deserve a Beautiful Smile: Ask your Gatineau Dentist About Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Nice Smile

What’s in a smile? It’s so much more than a series of fascial muscle movements. The smile is one of the most powerful forms of body language we have at our disposal. Different smiles can convey a range of both positive and negative messages: hello; I’m feeling good; I like you; I’m flirting; I have a secret; it’s nice to see you; I’m hiding something; I’m humouring you; I’m nervous; I’m embarrassed; I’m scared; I’m lying; I’m looking down on you with derision; and so many more. When someone feels the need to suppress their smile because of bad teeth, it stops them from participating in a basic form of human interaction. It’s no wonder bad teeth weigh so heavily on a person’s quality of life. It affects … Continue Reading

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A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words; Let Your Dentist Be Your Pen

teeth whitening

A smile is your best calling card. People can always tell the difference between a fake smile and a real one. But what if you’re smiling for real on the inside but you’re holding back because of your teeth. Sounds like you? It’s time to visit a dentist for teeth whitening. You might be wondering why you should go to a dentist when there are many teeth whitening solutions that can be purchased over the counter and applied at home. It’s true, you don’t have to go see a dentist but doing it yourself is a lot more work and less effective. It takes several applications over the span of a week or more for the initial results and it’s also harder to maintain, requiring even more frequent … Continue Reading

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