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Naturally Stronger Teeth

The key to a bright and healthy smile are clean and strong teeth, which are achieved and maintained through regular brushing, flossing, rinsing and visits to your Aylmer dental professional for cleanings and thorough examinations. In addition to this, certain research has hinted towards a natural method of strengthening the enamel of teeth. “Experts at the University of Illinois’ Chicago College of Dentistry, USA, found that grape seed extract can help to strengthen the tissue behind a tooth’s enamel. The scientist claims that the breakthrough could prevent patients from needing fillings, and also boost the strength of the fillings themselves. Dr Rob Wain, UK dentist, said the study could give people the best chance yet of keeping their teeth for life.Now the new study’s lead author Ana Bedran-Russo, … Continue Reading

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The Link Between Halitosis & Heart Disease

Halitosis, or ‘bad breath’ as it is more commonly referred, is something that affects everyone from time to time. Whether it’s from eating a certain item of food (ex: onions, etc.), lack of dental hygiene/maintenance or the result of an underlying health issue, getting to the bottom of it’s cause is important in order to remedy it. The idea of halitosis being connected to a more serious issue is a scary thought, but a reality that everyone should be aware of. “Bleeding gums and bad breath could be early indicators (of heart and circulatory disease). The link between oral health and overall body health is well documented and backed by robust scientific evidence. Despite this, only one in six people realizes that people with gum disease may have an … Continue Reading

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A Mercury-Free Dentist Can Address Your Questions Regarding Dental Amalgam

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According to the Canadian Dental Association, mercury has been used in the fabrication of dental fillings for over 150 years and is still considered to be the best option for most dental patients according to numerous policy papers and research. However, due to the fact that mercury molecules alone are known to be poisonous, dental patients are often concerned when they hear that dental fillings, known as amalgam, are used in the fabrication of these same fillings. Luckily, patients are often reassured by dentists, who often have amalgam fillings themselves, that the trace amount of mercury found in fillings is much smaller than the amount of mercury average adults are exposed to on a daily basis from our food, water and the air we breathe. While the dental … Continue Reading

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(Français) Le dentiste pour se soigner et pour un beau sourire

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