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The Truth About Canker Sores

Cold sore istock

The mouth is a very complex place. It houses a set of teeth, a tongue that is able to do so much and lips that keep everything together. We do so much with our mouths on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that they can become susceptible to certain issues at times. One of those issues is canker sores. A canker sore is essentially a small ulcer that will show up inside your mouth. The two types of canker sores are simple and complex: simple canker sores can show up in the mouth at any given time and will stick around for about a week, while complex canker sores last longer and usually only appear in the mouths of people that have had them before. The direct cause … Continue Reading

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What the Tongue says About Your Health


The tongue is one of the the most important parts of the body as it is an integral part of making proper speech possible. Maintaining the health of your tongue (through the regular cleaning of it when you brush your teeth) is very important. The appearance of the tongue is also a great indicator of overall health. A normal healthy tongue usually has a light pink hue to it. Here are some tongue indicators and what they can mean for your health. “White Tongue – A yeast infection in your mouth could be due to antibiotics. When you take this type of medication, it messes with the balance of healthy bacteria in your body. When this happens, you can wind up with a white tongue. Diabetes and autoimmune … Continue Reading

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Importance of Gum Health

human teeth

Health is wealth. The healthier you are as a whole means the more likely you’ll be able to successful at whatever it is that you’re doing and for a longer time. The gums (essentially the foundation for all of the teeth in your mouth) requires a lot of special attention. When it doesn’t get that special attention, the whole mouth is left vulnerable. Here are some issues that can arise when your gums aren’t properly cleaned and maintained. “Pregnancy Complications New studies have shown that certain bacteria typically found in the mouth may lead to prenatal issues, like damage to the placenta and impairing the growth of the fetus. Sure, you might be light-years away from your first kid, but why wait to get into the habit? Inflammation … Continue Reading

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Plaque Attack!


Video games are a great way to improve hand and eye coordination skills and have fun. They can also be a great source of educational information. Contrary to popular belief (especially from some parents who may believe that playing video games is a waste of time). There were and currently are some games that exist which were designed to help people become aware of certain issues. Plaque Attack was one of those games. “Gaming technology is hot in the health world these days, as entrepreneurs explore ways to use video games to improve our physical and mental well-being — and our oral hygiene. The National Institutes of Health recently awarded millions to a Seattle company and researchers at the University of Washington to develop and study a suite … Continue Reading

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Sweeter Breath in a Snap


First impressions are very important. You only get the opportunity to make one so it’s always best to make the best impression possible. Take for instance, a job interview. You’ve practiced all of the potential questions and answers ahead of time to make sure you are ready, you have the perfect outfit picked out to wear and you’re feeling ready. You decide to go for breakfast with a friend beforehand to have a good meal and calm your nerves a bit, but you quickly regret the garlic heavy dish you chose and are unable to brush your teeth before the interview. Mouth odour is something that everyone has dealt with at one time or another. Besides keeping your teeth regularly brushed, and flossing, rinsing, cleaning your tongue and … Continue Reading

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The Link between Smiles and Smartphones

In 2016 the use of smartphones globally is at an all time high; many people on the planet have a phone and are using it a lot throughout their daily lives to connect with people, conduct business and do many other things. The capabilities of smartphones keeps improving to help make our lives better, but is it all good? “Electromagnetic radiation from mobiles seems to impair the effectiveness of saliva at protecting our teeth from decay, according to research from Tel Aviv University. Ear, nose and throat specialists compared the saliva of long-term phone users with that of deaf people. Scientists reported that spending an hour on a mobile significantly reduces the natural production of saliva. This reduced saliva was low in the protein albumin and the enzyme … Continue Reading

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Proper Teeth Cleaning Technique


Technique is everything. When you know the proper way to do something you can know with certainty that you are making a positive impact with whatever it is you happen to be doing. There is nothing worse than thinking you have been doing something correctly for a long time only to find out that not only were you doing it wrong, but that the way you were doing it was causing a lot more harm and will make it that much harder to correct. When it comes to brushing your teeth, there is a specific way to do it for it to be the most effective. Some may believe that a lot of toothpaste, on a hard bristled brush combined with hard, aggressive strokes will offer the best … Continue Reading

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Benefits of Regular Dental Care


Good health practices will always yield good results. When you eat a healthy balanced diet and get the proper amount of exercise daily, you will be on the road to living a longer and healthier life. When you think about it, anytime you give something necessary care and attention chances are it will yield the results you are seeking. Dental health is no different. Dentists have stressed the importance of maintaining your oral care through regular brushing, flossing, rinsing and visits to their office. Here are some of the actual benefits of listening to that advice. Better Smile–If an individual is a coffee or tea drinker or a smoker, more frequent dental care might be deemed necessary. This is because substances such as wine, tea, coffee, and/or tobacco … Continue Reading

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Protecting Your Teeth


All things that we hold dear, we protect. Our loved ones, our homes, and our personal belongings are the items that usually are on the top of the list, but what about our bodies? It’s a new year and many people begin January with a new membership to a gym and promise themselves they are going to become the best version of themselves. This is a great and something everyone should do, but just saying it isn’t enough. You have to follow through with the goal and maintain it. The body is made up of many parts and each one deserves attention and should be properly maintained and protected. We put our teeth through a lot on a daily basis, so it’s normal that they experience wear and … Continue Reading

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Oral Health and the Holidays

The holiday season is a very special time for many. Getting a chance to spend much needed quality time with friends and family is something that you may not get to do as often as you’d like, so you make sure to cherish those special moments. It is also a time where delicious eats and treats are abundant. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in some holiday treats; you’ve worked hard and you deserve it! It is important to remember however that the holidays only last for a short time and that your teeth and gums will last a lot longer than that, as long as you take good care of them. If you do happen to over indulge in the sweets this holiday, fret not. A combination of … Continue Reading

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