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How Sugar Can Be Detrimental to Your Teeth

Everything in moderation is the best way to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. However, whenever the holidays come around sometimes people tend to over indulge in items that may not be the best for them. Chocolate bunnies and foil wrapped eggs are quite common around Easter and if enjoyed moderately won’t cause any real harm. When you have a better understanding of how sugar can affect your teeth and overall oral health, it may cause you to make different dietary choices. Here are some of the ways in which sugar can be detrimental to your mouth: “Sugar Attracts Bad Bacteria and Lowers Your Mouth’s PH Sugar is like a magnet for bad bacteria. The two destructive bacteria found in the mouth are Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sorbrinus. Both of them … Continue Reading

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Checking for Tooth Decay in Toddlers


Toddlers are great, full of life, energy and curious about everything that’s around them. As a parent it’s important to let them explore and let them be their little creative selves. However, it is also important to ensure they are safe and healthy. When it comes to the dental health of your toddler, making sure you follow the right steps to promote the best dental development is crucial. “Tooth decay is the most common chronic children’s disease in the country—even more chronic than allergies. Over 40 percent of children will have tooth decay before kindergarten. And those who have it are more likely to suffer from cavities in adulthood” Here are some tips to help prevent tooth decay in your toddler: “First, make sure your child has fluoride. … Continue Reading

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