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The Link between Smiles and Smartphones

In 2016 the use of smartphones globally is at an all time high; many people on the planet have a phone and are using it a lot throughout their daily lives to connect with people, conduct business and do many other things. The capabilities of smartphones keeps improving to help make our lives better, but is it all good?

“Electromagnetic radiation from mobiles seems to impair the effectiveness of saliva at protecting our teeth from decay, according to research from Tel Aviv University. Ear, nose and throat specialists compared the saliva of long-term phone users with that of deaf people.

Scientists reported that spending an hour on a mobile significantly reduces the natural production of saliva. This reduced saliva was low in the protein albumin and the enzyme amylase, according to the report published in 2012. Albumin is known to protect against tooth decay and amylase fights harmful bacteria in the mouth.

And, last June, scientists reported that frequent mobile use can cause tooth-braces to leach their protective nickel plating into your saliva. The problem is caused by the electromagnetic fields emitted by phones breaking down metal in the braces, reports the American Journal of Orthodontic and Dentofacial Orthopedics.”

Awareness of how you use your smartphone on a daily basis is important. It may seem difficult to use it less than you currently do, but it is possible. Another solution may be scheduling breaks or times when you refrain from using your smartphone altogether. Moderation is the key to successfully managing anything in your life, so make sure to be smart with your phones!

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