Get a radiant smile

Thanks to dental implants!

Dental implants, an effective, safe and durable solution!

The placement of dental implants ensures a lasting result that will offer you the greatest satisfaction both from an aesthetic and practical point of view.
Just like natural teeth, implants stimulate the jawbone and stop bone loss. They provide permanent support for crowns and dentures. The use of dental implants is the new standard for replacing lost teeth.
Dental implants are low maintenance and greatly increase confidence!

Dental implants make it possible to:

  • Restoring comfort and stability to patients with removable prostheses
  • Replace one or more missing teeth without having to rely on neighboring teeth, thus preserving the natural dentition.
  • Preserve the bone level in the edentulous region, thus maintaining the bony and gingival support of the neighboring teeth.
  • Restore a beautiful smile!

More than 2 million implants are installed each year in North America. It is therefore the treatment of choice for replacing missing teeth.

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